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The inner Slytherin needed to be unleashed, my mind is going crazy at this muggle filled coffee shop.

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I just realised that....I need a slytherin best friend. : '(
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Anonymous asked: in which house would you sort the Pirates of the Caribbean characters? :) I love your blog btw


Hmmmm…… I might have to watch Pirates again to answer this question (jk I just want to watch Pirates)

Slytherin: Captain Jack Sparrow, Barbosa, Davy Jones, Calypso

Hufflepuff: Elizabeth Swan, Mr. Gibbs, Bill Turner

Ravenclaw: James Norrington, Lord Becket,

Gryffindor: Will Turner

-Tanyelle (Slytheirn)

YAY! Slyths got Jack :D 

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Anonymous asked: When people assume that Slytherins are cowardly



Let me take that coward and punch you in the face with it! :)

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Anonymous asked: A Slytherin’s reaction when the one they find out the one person they loath and internally compete against in everything loves every activity and TV show that the Slytherin is obsessed with. Please, I need this.



If only I could gif myself because I have this feeling all of the time.

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Our emblem is the serpent, the wisest of creatures; our house colours are emerald green and silver, and our common room lies behind a concealed entrance down in the dungeons. We’re like our emblem, the snake: sleek, powerful, and frequently misunderstood.

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This brings a tear to my eye. :,) The truth of a Slyth.

This brings a tear to my eye. :,) The truth of a Slyth.

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I’m pretty sure he’d be sorted into the Slytherin house, based on his character as Luke .

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Hello. I am Tav. 1/4 founders from the Wizards of Olympus. Yes, I'm the Slytherin who also is the daughter of Ares. If you can't handle a slytherin, well... you're probably not good enough for us anyway.

"Slytherin will help you
on your way to greatness"

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